Distribution of Existing Licences to Mine Aggregate:
the Caledon Village to Belfountain Corridor

Many of the properties in the Licence Distribution Map below have increased their operations over the years: their acreage today is larger than the acreage requested in their original proposals to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Amendments to licences are controlled by regulatory bodies which do not require the mandatory public consultation process that is basic to getting a licence in the first place. Once a licence is obtained, evaluation and approval of amendments are not subject to the relatively stringent requirements of the original. It's not surprising that most amendments to extend operations receive a more cursory review.

The aggregate licences map below shows many pits holding the same licence number - an indication that after the first was granted, the others were added as an extension to original licences - a much simpler regulatory achievement.

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 Aggregate Mining Map

The licences are held by a number of different gravel companies. Some are Canadian. Others are multinationals or subsidiaries of multinational aggregate companies.

Over the years the Ministry of Natural Resources has issued 21 pit licences and 1 quarry licence that allow aggregate extraction [i.e. sand/gravel/dolomite] in the Town of Caledon.
Of these 21 pit licences

  • 13 are in the Caledon Village to Erin (the town line) corridor.
  • The 7 licences that allow below the watertable extraction are all in this corridor.
  • Each licence in this corridor created one pit.
    Over time, 5 of the licences were amended to create 10 more pits.
  • As a result, today there are 23 pits in this corridor. Fourteen of these pits are entitled to extract below the watertable.

TOARC (Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation) has been keeping statistics on Ontario's aggregate production since 1998 and a list of its top ten municipal producers. For most of these intervening years the Town of Caledon has appeared among the top 10.

Today the Town of Caledon continues to produce all the aggregate in Peel Region.

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