Recommendations from stakeholders to the Ontario Government Committee reviewing the current Aggregate Resources Act

CCC/Coalition Caledon, a long standing community organization that successfully opposed the Rockfort Quarry, submitted 15 points to improve the Act.
 Please click here for the CCC submission. 

On behalf of TAPMO/Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario, Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison focused her presentation on the impact of heavy vehicles and traffic as well as road deterioration costs to communities, current levies from aggregate vs. real costs for municipalities hosting the operations, the need for industry recycling and bringing ARA in line with environmental needs, and weaknesses in the amendment process to existing licences.

Dr Larry Jensen, a veteran geoscientist with the Ontario Geological Survey who served on the Technical Expert Panel for The State of the Aggregate Resource in Ontario Study, outlines the misconceptions in the current understanding of supply and demand when reviewing licenced reserves deposits in Ontario. Please click here for Dr Jensen's submission