NEC votes to close the Niagara Escarpment to new aggregate extraction

As part of the mandated Niagara Escarpment Plan 2015 Review, the Niagara Escarpment Commission has voted to remove mineral extraction as a permitted use from the newspage NEP image

If this recommendation is accepted by the current provincial government it will put an end to new aggregate proposals for the Escarpment - this would include quarries, pits and the expansion of aggregate operations currently mining in the Escarpment. At this time about 6425 acres of Escarpment are being mined and more is in the works.

Instead of trying to make adjustments to a flawed policy, it appears that the Commission has opted to protect a World Biosphere Reserve described by environmentalists as under threat.

When REDC has the actual Sept 17th 2014 NEC Policy Review minutes containing the Commissioners resolution, this website will post it. Currently the September 17, 2014 minutes of the NEC Policy meeting in Collingwood are electronically unavailable at the NEC website. [The last date on the minutes index at this site is October 17th 2013.]

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