Efficiencies: Urban Development vs Environmental Protection 2015 Review of Land Use Plans

website wetlandsThe Ontario Government is currently reviewing four land use plans. The Escarpment, the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt Plans are currently being reviewed in the context of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

The process is called the coordinated Land Use Planning Review.

Many environmental groups worry that, in this consolidation of Reviews, vital environmental considerations and protections are being ignored or watered down while an urban agenda is given precedence.

There is concern that the Niagara Escarpment Commission may have its powers reduced or that the commission may be terminated. In Caledon this action would have a drastic affect on a threatened Biosphere designated by the WHO as a - our own Niagara Escarpment which was the result of an agreement between Canada and the UN.

The Ontario Government is belt tightening.

Many fear that in pursuing efficiencies the government has lost sight of the need to balance safeguards for our irreplaceable environmental heritage with the drive for economic development. Unless that balance is maintained and strengthened, environmentally sensitive territories and policies that have been established in hard won campaigns will suffer and erode.


This Review will result in policies that will rule Ontario for the next decade or longer.

These Plans are under the jurisdiction of two Ministries - Municipal Affairs and Housing as well as Natural Resources and Forestry. A series of 13 public meetings have been held in various communities.

A Panel of 6 advisors will review input on the plans from many sources including comments from the public.



Registering your comments means you are a stakeholder and will be updated.
The opportunity to comment ends on May 28th.

The Panel will develop recommendations for the Government to be submitted by September 1.

To view a copy of REDC's comments to the Environmental Registry read here:
 REDC Comments re: EBR 012-3256